This year’s winners were announced on October 27, 2008 by the Society for Early Modern Women.

Book Prize:

Awarded Winner (2 awards)

Will Fisher on Materializing Gender. Cambridge University Press, 2006.
The Art and Architecture of Northern Italy, 1520-1580. 2006, Aldershot, UK; Burlington, VT.

Honorable Mention

Katherine Park’s book examines the role of gender and generation in dissection. 2006, Zone Books:

For a paper or essay:

This honor goes to:

Women’s Reading Practices in Seventeenth-Century England, Jane Donawerth, Journal of the Sixteenth Century 37.4 (2006): 985-1006.

Also, an honorable mention.

The Diaries of Anne Clifford, by Anne M. Myers. 581–601.

Others Involved:

This honor goes to:

Naomi Miller and Naomi Yavneh edited Female Sibling Relationships in Early Modern England. Ashgate, 2006.

Honorable mentions include:

There is currently a multilingual version of Louise Labé’s poetry and prose. Editors Deborah Lesko Baker and Annie Finch. Renaissance Europe’s Unheard Voice Published by University of Chicago Press in 2006.


Awarded Winner

Les Dames des Roches: Poems, Dialogues, and Letters from Mother and Daughter Editor and translator Anne R. Larsen Europe’s Other Voice. The University of Chicago Press released the same title in 2006.

Honorable Mention

Sarrocchi, a Scot. Rinaldina Russell polished the text. Europe’s Other Voice. Published by University of Chicago Press in 2006.

Outstanding Graduate Student Poster Presentation Award

Awarded Winner

The Death of the Virgin by Rembrandt: Cartesianism and Modernity.

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