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OU Scholarships 2022: All You Need To Know + Best Wining Tips

Filed in BLOG, INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS by on April 28, 2022

Scholarships are prestigious. While there are many of them out, the best ones anyone could get are mostly scholarship programs administered by the school. In the case of Oklahoma University, scholarships administered by the university are among the highest-paying and the most valuable. Throughout this article, we will refer to scholarships offered by Oklahoma University […]

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Flavor Of The Month Scholarship 2022 (UPDATED)

Filed in BLOG by on April 28, 2022

You probably have had enough of scholarships that dwell so much on certain criteria: have a GPA of 5.0 out of 4.0, write an exam and get an almost perfect score, and you know the rest. The Flavor of the month scholarship is a fresh breath when compared to the rest. Sponsored by Unigo, the […]

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U.S. Bank Student Scholarship Program 2022 (UPDATED)

The U.S. Bank Student Scholarship Program is a program that rewards applicants for learning important topics about financing. So as to encourage high school students and undergraduates to build a strong financial foundation and develop healthy habits, the Scholarship Board is inviting interested qualified applicants for the U.S. Bank Student Scholarship Program. Every year, two […]

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Science Ambassador Scholarship 2022 (UPDATED)

Filed in BLOG, UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS by on April 25, 2022

The Science Ambassador Scholarship is a program that is run by Cards Against Humanity. The scholarship funds young women in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics. Every year, a winner is selected from the pool of applicants and four runner-ups are awarded a compensation fee. If you are a young lady in the United States who […]

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Powerful Tips About Hacer Scholarship 2022 You Need To Know

Filed in BLOG, SCHOLARSHIPS BY SUBJECT by on April 23, 2022

Hacer Scholarship is an opportunity for students who hope to land a scholarship in an accredited college in the United States. While many scholarships have a close deadline, the Hacer Scholarship application for the next academic year has not begun and as a result, you get the luxury of time to prepare and to make […]

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Powerful Fact About Scholarship Endowment You Need To Know

Filed in EVERGREEN by on April 23, 2022

Introduction: A scholarship endowment is a sum of money that is donated to a school or educational institution in order to provide financial assistance to students. The money from the endowment is used to fund scholarships, which are awarded to students based on their academic merit or financial need. This type of scholarship can be […]

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Gonzaga Outside Scholarships 2022: All You Need To Know

Filed in BLOG by on April 23, 2022

Scholarships are a way to pay for tuition fees and overall, they are a way to make colleges and universities easy for undergraduate students. Based on records, the United States is one of those places where studying for a post-secondary school degree is expensive. Unless you are from an affluent background, you might need to […]

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Key Difference Between Grants, Scholarships, and Loans

Filed in EVERGREEN by on April 21, 2022

There are a few different types of financial aid available to students who wish to attend college. The most common type of aid is in the form of loans, which must be repaid-with interest. Grants and scholarships are also forms of financial aid, but they do not need to be repaid. Grants are typically need-based, […]

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General Assembly Merit Scholarship 2022: All You Must Know

Filed in BLOG, SCHOLARSHIPS BY SUBJECT by on April 20, 2022

The General Assembly Merit Scholarship is a supplement to the HOPE scholarship administered by the TN Higher Education Commission & Student Assistance Corporation. In hope of giving students a head-start in colleges after they have completed high school, the body funds the General Merit Scholarship with the net proceeds of the state lottery. The funds […]

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Ge-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program 2022

Are you a high-performing high school senior who is looking for scholarship opportunities? Do you have an impact in your community and at the workplace? Or are you looking to know more about the Ge-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, read on to learn more about the […]

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