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7 Best Veterinary Schools In Australia With Scholarships 2023

Interested In Knowing the Top Veterinary Schools In Australia, we got you covered. this Article will indeed serve your Interest.

Sincerely through this Resource, you will get to know the best Veterinary Schools In Australia offering quality Veterinary Medicine programs.

However, I will also be drawing your attention to some of the basic requirements or criteria needed to gain Acceptance into these Veterinary Schools In Australia.

More Importantly, the duration of the Veterinary medicine program offered by most Australian Veterinary Schools ranges between five(5) to six(6) study years.

during the five(5) to six(6) year study period, participants of the Australian veterinary medicine program will be engaged in practical teachings and theoretical lessons targeted at improving the health and welfare of Animals.

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Students will also get first-hand training and mentorship from well-experienced Licensed Australian Veterinarians who indeed have enormous experience in veterinary medicine.

Based on Research Australia has seven(7) core Registered Veterinary Institutions, these Australian vet schools are the only institutions in charge of awarding students with the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Award(DVM) in Australia.see Universities that Accept Students with low GPA

Through these seven core Veterinary Schools In Australia, international students could get approved to practice as licensed Veterinary doctors in Australia once they satisfy the minimum requirements or criteria.

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However, getting admitted into these seven(7) Veterinary Schools In Australia could be quite competitive due to the outrageous number of applicants applying for veterinary medicine Every year.

More Reasons why applicants are advised to secure outstanding Grades in Pre-requisite subjects related to veterinary studies, and also distinctive grades in subjects like biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biochemistry will indeed be a major advantage in securing admission easily.

However, the competitiveness of these Australian Veterinary Schools shouldn’t be a problem, because there are several Australian institutions offering several pre-veterinary or animal science-related courses.Get to see the cheapest universities in United Kingdom

Honestly, students who complete these pre-veterinary programs will indeed gain acceptance easily into any of these seven accredited veterinary Universities in Australia.

Sincerely Australia is among the best go-to option for international students who wish to pursue a veterinary career, this is because most Australian Vet schools are among the top 50 best veterinary schools in the world.

Take for instance University of Sydney is ranked the 25th-best Institution in the world for veterinary medicine,likewise University of Melbourne which is ranked 32th.

Wants to know more about these Veterinary Schools In Australia, we got you covered do well to read through this blog post carefully.

Veterinary Schools In Australia

The list below is a comprehensive list of top Australian academic institution offering quality Veterinary programs,these Australian vet schools offers Veterinary Medicine program In English.

  • Veterinary Medicine At University of Sydney Australia
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine At University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science At University of Queensland Australia
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Bioscience At University of Adelaide
  • Veterinary Science At James Cook University
  • Murdoch University
  • Charles Sturt University Australia

#1.Veterinary Medicine At University of Sydney Australia

University of Sydney tops the list of top Veterinary Schools In Australia,this Australian University offers 6 years Bachelor course in veterinary Medicine.

Sincerely University of Sydney is Undisputably the number one best veterinary School in Australia,this institution is among the leading veterinary schools in the world.

However the 6-year Veterinary Course offered At Universty of Sydney is strictly offered as a full-time course to international students,though domestic students could either study as part-time or Full-time students.

Honestly the veterinary program offered At University of Sydney will expose students to several teachings, laboratory sessions and practicals targeted at improving the health and well-being of animals.

Interestingly at the final year participants of the veterinary medicine program at university of Sydney will be opportune to intern at the school’s veterinary teaching hospital which will indeed aid student in fine-tuning their skills as a veterinarian.

#2.Doctor of Veterinary Medicine At University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne is also among the best Veterinary Schools In Australia,the doctor of veterinary Medicine offered At this Australian Vet School has a duration of Four(4) years.

Participants of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at this school will be opportune to harness the latest information regarding Veterinary Science,  its practice, and lessons.

Notwithstanding the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Offered at University of Melbourne is indeed a graduate degree course specifically for international students who have undergone an Undergraduate degree course related to Veterinary Science.

Interestingly students of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine course At University of Melbourne are entitled for a placement at top veterinary firms in Australia.

The Veterinary Science program offered at the University of Melbourne Australia is accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Science(RCVS), the American Veterinary Medicine Association(AVMA), and the Australian Veterinary Boards Council.

Interested in knowing more about The Doctor of Veterinary Science Offered At This Australian Vet School do well to visit the Official School webpage.


  • Applicants must possess a bachelor’s honors in any animal science-related program with at least one semester of biology and biochemistry
  • Previous Experience in animal science or veterinary related program
  • English language proficiency is required
  • Cover letter of not less than 500 words describing your passion and drive for veterinary Science
  • To gain Acceptance into the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Applicants must pass the Schools online Entrance Examination
  •  Students must be physically fit and free from any form of disability

English Language Requirements For the Doctor Of Veterinary Science Program

  • IELTS: a minimum score of 7.0 is required, with no band less than 6.0
  • TOEFL: minimum score of 94 with writing 27, Speaking 18, Reading 13, listening 13
  • Pearson Test of English: written communication skill 65, and all other communication skills must not be less than 50

#3.Bachelor of Veterinary Science At University of Queensland Australia

University of Queensland Australia ranks 3rd in the list of top Veterinary Schools In Australia, the Bachelor of Veterinary Science program offered At this Institution is a 5-year undergraduate degree course.

Honestly, University of Queensland Australia is indeed among the best schools for Veterinary Science, the Institution is currently ranked 44th best school for Veterinary Science Worldwide.

However, during the first three years of study, participants of the Bachelor of Veterinary Science At University of Queensland will receive pre-requisite training in anatomy, biochemistry, nutrition, physiology, and the behavior of healthy domestic and wild animals.

Interestingly University of Queensland Australia has a veterinary Science Teaching hospital and a standard Equine Specialist Hospital.

However, the University of Queensland Australia is also among the affordable Veterinary Schools In Australia, the current tuition fee for its Bachelor of Veterinary Science is around $69,760 per year.

Students who complete this Veterinary program will be qualified to become members of the royal college of veterinary surgeons, American veterinary Medical Association, and Australian Veterinary Boards Council once after graduation.

Course Overview

  • Animal and Veterinary Biology
  • Rural Veterinary Practice-Veterinary Medicine
  • Veterinary Public College and Pathology
  • Veterinary Anaesthesia, diagnosing Imaging and Emergency and critical care


  • Applicants must have an high school diploma showing a minimum C grade pass in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • students must pass the situation judgment test in the Year of Application
  • English language proficiency is required
  • Previous experience in any voluntary work regarding Veterinary Science
  • Applicants must be qualified to apply for Australian Student Visa
  • Students must provide proof of Immunisation against tetanus, and Q Fever before the commencement of Study

#4.Bachelor of Veterinary Bioscience At University of Adelaide

The Bachelor of Veterinary Bioscience offered At University of Adelaide is also among the Veterinary Schools In Australia, this veterinary program offers an internationally recognized Vet degree.

the Bachelor of Veterinary Bioscience is among the shortest veterinary degree course offered In Australia, this course has a duration of 3 years and it’s indeed specifically for full-time vet students.

University of Adelaide is among the World’s best Veterinary Science universities, the institution is currently in the top 60 best schools for Veterinary study based on QS World University Rankings.

Honestly, participants of this Australian Vet program will be opportune to learn in small class sizes which will indeed open room for closed attention, and more personalized instructions which will indeed aid easy assimilation.

Through this Academic program, Students will gain more Insights on the Anatomy, physiology, and characteristics of normal animals.

Furthermore, through the Bachelor of Veterinary Biosciences, students will know more about the pathogenic organisms that Affect Animals.

Interestingly though this vet program, international students will gain Entry into the Doctor of Veterinary Science program once they satisfy the minimum requirements needed to graduate.

English Langauge Requirements For International Students

  • An Overall IELTS score of 7 with reading 7, writing 7, listening 7, speaking 7
  • An Overall TOEFL of 94 with Reading 24, listening 24, speaking 23, writing 27
  • Pearson: total score 65, reading 65, speaking 65, listening 65,Writing 65

#5.Veterinary Science At James Cook University

James Cook University comes next in the list of Veterinary Schools In Australia,  the Veterinary Science course at James cook university is among the leading research course in Veterinary medicine.

Interestingly 70% of all tutors at James Cook University are licensed Veterinary Doctors,they tend to guide students towards attaining a successful career in Veterinary Medicine.

However James Cook University also has a veterinary teaching hospital where it offers top-notch healthcare services to Animals, this Veterinary teaching hospital is also used by Interning students of the Institution.

James Cook University offers veterinary Science program from bachelor’s degree right up to post-graduate degree level, thereby awarding students a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Award.

Interested in knowing more about the veterinary science program offered At James Cook University, please do well to visit the School’s webpage.

#6.Murdoch University

Murdoch University is also among the best veterinary Schools in Australia,the doctor of veterinary medicine At Murdoch University can either be studied as a full-time or part-time program.

Also, Murdoch University is indeed the only accredited Veterinary School in Western Australia, the institution is equipped with world-class Veterinary facilities for training students.

However, the duration for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Murdoch University is around 3 years, during this period participants will get hands-on training in analytical and research skills in veterinary science.

Interestingly the Institution has a world-class veterinary teaching hospital and also a renowned off-campus farm teaching facility.

#7.Charles Sturt University Australia

Last on the list of top Veterinary Schools In Australia is Charles Sturt University Australia,this institution has an outstanding Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program which is targeted at equipping students with clinical and Research Skill-set needed to practice as veterinary Doctor anywhere in the world.

students looking for a research-based veterinary school should see Charles Sturt University among the best Go-to option to pursue a veterinary career.

However, the Duration for the Doctor of Veterinary Science offered At Charles STURT University is 4 years,and it’s strictly a full-time course.

More importantly, the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine offered by Charles Sturt University Australia is indeed not available to international students

veterinary medicine schools in Australia

  • Veterinary Medicine At University of Sydney Australia
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine At University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science At University of Queensland Australia
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Bioscience At University of Adelaide
  • Veterinary Science At James Cook University
  • Murdoch University
  • Charles Sturt University Australia

how to Become a Vet in Australia

  • complete high school Education offering Veterinary science related subjects
  • Volunteer to work in any veterinary science hospital or company this will indeed aid you in fine-tuning your practical skills and also aid you in getting admitted into top Australian vet school.
  • Research your preferred Australian vet schools to know more about the requirements and criteria
  • After having the required documents, and fulfilling the requirements candidates should gain acceptance into their preferred Australian vet school.
  • Make sure your Prefered institution is accredited by the Australian veterinary boards council(AVBC)
  • After successfully graduating students could apply for the veterinary board in any of the Australian state to get licensed

how to get into vet school Australia?

  • Applicants must have a High school diploma
  • An Excellent grade in subjects like physics, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, and nutrition is needed to gain acceptance into any vet school in Australia
  • Engage in any veterinary science-related program or exercise before applying for any vet school
  • documents and submit your previous experience with respect to veterinary science when applying for any australia vet school.
  • International students are advised to have English proficiency,you could either use TOEFL,IELTS test score

how long does it take to become a vet in Australia?

To become a licensed Veterinarian in Australia International students will be required to spend close to five(5) to seven years.


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