Are you a high-performing high school senior who is looking for scholarship opportunities? Do you have an impact in your community and at the workplace? Or are you looking to know more about the Ge Reagan Scholarship?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, read on to learn more about the Ge Reagan Scholarship, the requirements, the ultimate tips to win the scholarship, and the benefits you get from the scholarship.

The Ge Reagan Scholarship selects and rewards numerous students to receive a $10,000 scholarship fund which is renewable for up to three years after the initial payment. A recipient who continues to meet the requirements for renewal gets up to $40,000 in funds over his or her 4-year program at the University.

The Ge Reagan Scholarship was established to honour the 40th President of the United States. The Ge Reagan Scholarship is administered by Scholarship America to assist recipients to pay for tuition, housing, meals, and other necessities.

Every year, candidates are selected for the Ge Reagan Scholarship based on their demonstration of excellence at school, workplace, and community.

If you want to know about the Ge Reagan Scholarship, you will find below invaluable information about the scholarship.

WHAT IS THE Ge Reagan Scholarship

The Ge Reagan Scholarship was founded in honour of the legacy and character of the nation’s 40th President.

Every year, a handful of applicants are selected to receive the award based on their academic performance. Other things that are considered before an applicant is awarded this scholarship include his or her contribution to the community, leadership qualities, integrity and drive to pursue higher education.

To be eligible for the Ge Reagan Scholarship, the applicant must be a United States citizen.

Over the years, 195 students have been awarded the scholarship and $7.88 million has been committed to the program by the Foundation.

Recipients of the scholarship study in over 110 campuses across the country. As recorded by the Foundation, current recipients of the Ge Reagan Scholarship come from as many as 41 states around the country.


The Ge Reagan Scholarship is run by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute. The body is a nonprofit organization created by President Reagen in his lifetime, in the hope to continue his legacy and further sharing his principles – individual liberty, economic opportunity, national pride, and global democracy.

Along with the Ge Reagan Scholarship, the sponsor also funds other education programs like the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Scholars Program, Great Communicator Debate Series and the Just Say No 2.0 Nancy Reagan Scholarship Competition.

The institute ensures the smooth operation of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley, the Air Force One Pavilion, the award-winning Discovery Center, and the Reagan Center for Public Affairs.

The sponsor of the Ge-Reagan Scholarship Foundation Program dream of a nation focused on freedom. Working on Ronald Reagan’s principles, they dream of a nation that achieves its “destiny to be as a shining city on a hill for all mankind to see.”

The institute is located in California and Washington.


The Ge Reagan Scholarship recognizes students from all walks of life. The alumni Scholars work in careers ranging from medicine, law, education, business, and more.

Recipients are selected for their academic excellence, hence the Ge Reagan Scholarship is available to all high school seniors who plan to study any course of choice in an accredited institution in the country.


The Ge Reagan Scholarship is open only to citizens of the United States.


To be considered for this award, the applicant must:

  1. demonstrate exemplary leadership, drive, and integrity at school, at the workplace, and within the community where he or she lives.
  2. demonstrate strong academic performance. On a scale of 4.0, an applicant must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Should he or she attend a high school where a different scale is used, he or she must have an equivalent of this 3.0 mark.
  3. be a current high school senior attending high school in the United States. It should be noted that homeschooled students and students living on the United States Armed Forces bases are also eligible.
  4. plan to enrol full-time for an undergraduate course of study at an accredited four-year college or university in the United States. Enrolment must not exceed the following academic year after completion of high school.

HOW MUCH IS THE Ge Reagan Scholarship

The Ge Reagan Scholarship pays $10,000 into students’ bank accounts after they have been selected for the scholarship.

The scholarship is renewable, hence students who continue to demonstrate strong academic performance can get as much as $40,000 from the Foundation before the end of their 4-year university program.


Application for the Ge Reagan Scholarship has not begun. However, interested candidates are advised to visit the official website of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute and sign up to be notified upon commencement of registration which is set to begin in the fall of 2022.

Upon commencement of application for the Ge Reagan Scholarship, you will be required to produce the following information:

  1. Basic questions about yourself. Your name, where you heard about the Ge Reagan Scholarship, and your parent information should the organization want to reach them.
  2. Information about your high school. The body wants to know about your experience in high school. You will be required to answer questions like where you went to high school, which state it is, and to provide the name of your counsellor.
  3. Your GPA. This is to determine if you qualify for the scholarship or not. An applicant must meet the basic 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale to be considered for the Ge Reagan Scholarship. When you apply for this scholarship, you will not be required to upload your transcript. This is scheduled for later if you qualify as a semifinalist.
  4. Information about where you plan to go to college. However, if you are indecisive about where you want to study because you are unsure of your admission, you can rest assured you can always update the name of the institution you plan to study in later on. For the application, you can enter your first-choice university or college.


Application for the Ge Reagan Scholarship has not begun. Upon commencement, the institute will tell students when the deadline is fixed at.

TIPS TO WIN THE Ge Reagan Scholarship

As a potential Ge-Reagan Scholar, you will find the following tips invaluable in your goal of winning the Ge Reagan Scholarship. The Foundation is built on leadership and services, hence they tend to look for applicants who exercise and share the values of the body when sorting through applications.

  1. Show the board why you are an exemplary leader. One of the criteria by which the Foundation selects recipients for the Ge Reagan Scholarship is their leadership qualities. When you fill out your application and you are asked to talk about yourself, do not hold back in waxing lyrical about yourself. Tell them about your leadership skills, your experiences as a leader, and the organizations you have served as a team leader in the past. This gets you far.
  2. List the extracurricular activities you are involved in. This scholarship goes beyond a flashy GPA alone. Of course, it is a bonus, but it is not the only factor that is considered. One of the other things brought into consideration when curating the applications is who is more involved in extracurricular activities. You will be required to list as many as ten (10) activities you are involved in. To make this the best it could be, you might want to write five (5) activities you are involved in on-campus and five (5) you are involved in your community. Applicants with more cogent and relevant activities get special consideration.
  3. Tell them about the awards you have received. It goes without saying that by serving in leadership, you are rewarded with awards for a successful tenure. When filling out your application for the Ge Reagan Scholarship, ensure you itemize all the awards you have won in the past. They are your achievements. Let this ring, SCHOLARSHIPS-AWARDING BOARDS WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT. When you fill this, also ensure you list the capacity you served as a leader and the grade you were in while you did that.
  4. Awards from competitions count too. Your awards do not have to be those that are obtained from leadership positions alone. If you won an award for participation in a competition or you won a quiz in the past, do not hesitate to include it in your application. You are competing among other equally qualified candidates, hence you have to stand out among the others.
  5. Write community activities you did pro bono. The Foundation wants applicants who are actively engaged in the community. By telling them your relevance to the community you live in, you position yourself in a better place to receive the award. However, do ensure you list the most cogent ones at the top. It can be a one-time project or an ongoing activity.
  6. Share your work experience if you have one. Unlike the others, this is not a mandatory field, but it is a bonus. If you have worked in any capacity in the past and you have office experience, do not hold back from sharing this experience with them. They will request when you started the work and when you left. This gives them the big picture.
  7. Provide your financial status. This is one of the most crucial sections when filling out your application. You will need to provide information about your state of residence and your parents, and you will also be asked if you are dependent on them or not. The Foundation will also like to know what your parent’s gross income is.
  8. WRITE A STRONG ESSAY! After you have briefly shared your experience as a leader and the positions you have served in the past, you will need to write an essay on these experiences if you want to stand a chance to enter the Ge Reagan Scholarship. This is an opportunity to go all-in and give every single detail about those positions. When you write your essay, make it your goal to convince the board that you are the most qualified candidate for the scholarship. You can even tell them of the challenges you have faced in the past and how you have solved it individually or as a group.
  9. Share your short and long-term goals. To enter the Ge Reagan Scholarship, you will need to share your goals with the Foundation. Tell them your big plans for the future and what career you want to build. You can tell them while writing this the reason behind each of the goals and why you have chosen to study the course you applied for at the university.
  10. Include information about your family’s circumstances if there are any. This can convince the Foundation to add your name to the list of awardees. If your family or a family member is in any kind of medical condition, you might want to add it to further convince the Foundation why you need the Ge Reagan Scholarship.

BENEFITS OF THE Ge Reagan Scholarship

  1. The Ge Reagan Scholarship pays as much as $10,000. If you plan to study in an American college, you spend an average of $20,000 on tuition per year. The Ge Reagan Scholarship makes this easy for you. Even though it does not cover the whole tuition in some schools, you get what you might call a big discount.
  2. You get to travel and learn about new cultures. The grant you get from the Ge Reagan Scholarship can be used for a variety of things and one of these is travel. With the scholarship, you can go places and experience new cultures with the fund you get from the scholarship.
  3. The Ge Reagan Scholarship gives your resume a significant boost. When you apply for jobs with a scholarship like the Ge-Reagan Scholarship, you are telling recruiters you did not only work hard in college, but you worked super hard to get the scholarship in high school also.
  4. It reduces your need to work. As an awardee, you might not need to work part-time to sustain yourself in college as you have a fund to bank on. This gives you added opportunity to perform better academically.



Ronald Reagan Foundation website: Visit here.

The official website of the Ge Reagan Scholarship: Visit here.

Other scholarships offered by the Ronald Reagan Foundation: Visit here.

2021 Ge-Reagan Scholars: Visit here.

Facebook profile: Visit here.

Contact information:, 1-844-402-0354.

About the life of Ronald Reagan: Visit here.


Sponsors: Ronald Reagan Foundation.

Departments: All departments.

Renewable: Yes, three (3) times.

Nationality: American.

Language requirement: Applicants must have a sufficient understanding of the English Language.


What is the Ge Reagan Scholarship?

The Ge Reagan Scholarship awards scholarships to numerous candidates every year to serve as an incentive for their academic excellence, integrity, drive, and relevance in their community through pro bono volunteering. The Program was founded in 2011. Since its establishment, the Program has awarded as many as 195 applicants the Ge Reagan Scholarship.

Who is Ronald Reagan?

Ronald Reagan was the 40th President of the United States between 1981 and 1989. He died in 2004 and since then, his legacy has lived. The Ge Reagan Scholarship was founded to sustain his values and to reward high academic performance.

Who is eligible for the Ge Reagan Scholarship?

Every citizen of the United States is eligible for this scholarship. To be considered, the applicant must however be a high school senior who plans to join college no later than a year after completion of high school and has a GPA of 3.0 or more on a 4.0 scale.

Is the Ge Reagan Scholarship renewable?

Yes, it is renewable. So far you meet the requirements for continuity of the scholarship throughout your program, you can renew the scholarship as many as three (3) times. This means the scholarship lasts for four (4) years.

How much is the Ge Reagan Scholarship worth?

The Ge Reagan Scholarship pays $10,000 into the bank accounts of the recipients of the award. Since the inception of the Foundation in 2011, $7.88 million has been pooled into the scholarship.

How many times can I apply for the Ge Reagan Scholarship?

You can only apply for the scholarship as long as you remain a high school senior; Hence, once. Multiple applications may disqualify applicants.

How do I know if I qualify as a semifinalist?

The Ronaldo Reagan Foundation will be in touch with you should you be among the selected candidates to receive the $40,000 award.

What can I do with the fund?

The Ronald Reagan Foundation places no restriction on you about what and what you cannot do with the funds. You have the freedom to use the fund as you please, but preferably for academic and learning reasons.

How can I win the Ge Reagan Scholarship?

You can win the scholarship by submitting an application and a strong essay. To boost your odds for the scholarship, you may want to be involved in community services and another pro bono activity. Students who are diverse, have relevance in the community, and have served in leadership positions in the past are given preferences.

Can I study outside the United States with a Ge Reagan Scholarship?

The Ge Reagan Scholarship is only tenable within the states of America. To win this scholarship, applicants must plan to study any course of choice in the United States.

What course can I study with the Ge Reagan Scholarship?

You can study any course of your choice with the scholarship. Although the Foundation is interested in the plans you have for the future and the career you plan to build, the Foundation will not force you to choose from a list of courses. You have the freedom to pick any course.

Which college can I attend with the Ge Reagan Scholarship?

With the scholarship, you can study in any college in the United States. However, the college must be an accredited college or university and you have to study an undergraduate course that takes 4 years to complete.


The Ge Reagan Scholarship is a wonderful awarding body that selects applicants who have shown they can impart the community positively.

Since its creation in 2011, the Program selects candidates annually. As of this year, more than 7 million dollars has been committed to the program by the Foundation. The body continues to select and nurture the best brains in the country to their fullest potential.

Over the years, more than 190 candidates have been beneficiaries of the scholarship. The alumni of the program now tread different career paths and work in high offices ranging from law, businesses, medicine, and many others.

The Ge Reagan Scholarship boosts recipients’ resumes and through their community services, the program ensures recipients graduate from colleges and universities around the country with polished resumes.

The scholarship is open to high school seniors. This presents an opportunity to current high school seniors who have above 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale. Registration is expected to commence in the fall of 2022 and these seniors are advised to frequently visit the official website of the Ronald Reagan Foundation to see the latest developments.

Should you be looking for a scholarship and you have a solid academic performance, relevant community services, and have served in leadership positions in the past, ensure this wonderful opportunity does not pass you by.

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