Duke Scholarships are financial aids offered by Duke University to aid students who need financial assistance to seek quality education.

Duke University is one of the foremost private educational institutes in the United States that uses a need-blind approach when accepting students. This means that their admission decisions are not involved by an applicant’s ability to pay.

Duke offers dozens of scholarships and grants to help students fund their studies at the university.

Duke scholarships are awarded based on need or merit.

Let’s consider the various Duke scholarship programs and requirements needed to make education affordable for you at Duke University.

Why Do You Need Duke Scholarships? 

To assist students who show commitment to their studies and demonstrate financial needs, Duke University organized the Duke Scholarships to reward truly deserving students. 

The scholarships are available to students at all levels of study. It is awarded based on merit and needs. 

Unlike some other elite institutions, Duke University scholarships include need-based and merit-based awards to incoming students.

Students who are considered for merit scholarships must meet specific criteria listed by the school. At the same time, need-based scholarships are administered to students who demonstrate financial needs and meet specific requirements. 

For Duke Scholarship, separate application processes are not required, as students are considered for the scholarships as soon as they complete their admission process into the University. 


Who Runs the Scholarship? 

Duke University is a private research university founded in the year 1938. Quakers and Methodists established it as the Brown School. It was initially based in Trinity before being moved to Durham, North Carolina, in 1989; This was named after James Buchanan Duke, who founded the Duke Endowment in memory of his father, philanthropist Washington Duke.

Duke University is an elite research university regarded as one of the top institutions in the world. While many people probably know Duke from its storied basketball team, the University has a category of vital academic programs across the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences and the Pratt School of Engineering. 

The 8.7-hectare campus is established into the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences and the Schools of Law, Divinity, Graduate Studies, Medicine, Nursing, Engineering (Pratt), Public Policy (Sanford), Business (Fuqua), and Environment (Thomas).

Duke University also has a campus in China named Duke-Kunshan University. This is run in conjunction with Wuhan University. Another branch, the Duke-NUS Medical School, is based in Singapore.

Today, Duke University is home to more than 16,000 students, and its population continues to increase as they provide excellent higher education. 


Level of Field of Study

The Duke Scholarships are available for incoming undergraduate students with no restriction on the course of study. 


Scholarship Amount

The amount awarded for Duke Scholarships varies. 



Duke University hosted this scholarship. 


Host Nationality

These scholarships are hosted at Duke University, North Carolina, in the United States. 



To be eligible for a scholarship at Duke University, you need to be an enrolled student at the University. 


Scholarship Programs Available at Duke University

There are various scholarship programs that incoming students are considered for. Some of which are: 

  • Duke University Merit-Based Scholarships
  • Duke University Need-Based Scholarships
  • Duke Scholarships for International Students. 


Duke University Merit-Based Scholarships

Duke University awards several merit scholarships to outstanding students each year. 

The merit scholarships may benefit all Duke University students or cater to a specific demographic category.

The Duke University Merit-Based Scholarships are open to all Undergraduate Students. 


Some of the merit-based scholarships include:

  • A. B. Duke Memorial Scholars Program
  • Robertson Scholars Leadership Program   
  • Yellow Ribbon Program
  • Gertrude B. Elion Mentored Medical Student Research Award   
  • B.N. Duke Scholars Program   
A. B. Duke Memorial Scholars Program   

The A. B. Duke Memorial Scholarship is awarded to selected undergraduate students who:

  • Display extraordinary intellectual skills
  • Use their voice to offer original perspectives on multiple issues

The amount awarded for this scholarship may vary after considering the need-based grant issued to the student


Robertson Scholars Leadership Program   

High school senior who enrolls at Duke University will be automatically considered for the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program

The program provides a financial award of up to $50,000 and supports students who want to Study abroad for two semesters financially. 


Yellow Ribbon Program   

Duke University’s Yellow Ribbon Program gives tuition fee assistance to qualifying meritorious veterans or their dependents

The university offers 18 Yellow Ribbon awards each year, with three of them being awarded to engineering students


Gertrude B. Elion Mentored Medical Student Research Award

This is a graduate-school level scholarship available to female students who:

  • Have studied medicine
  • Are conducting health-related research at Duke University

This scholarship involves a monetary prize of $10,000. 


B.N. Duke Scholars Program   

This scholarship is open to all residents of North and South Carolina who are accepted for any undergraduate program at Duke University. This scholarship is only granted to students who show exemplary civic engagement. 


Requirements for Duke University Merit-Based Scholarships 

Duke’s merit scholarships require applicants to submit their admission applications. 

There are no other forms needed as students do not need to submit the financial aid documents to be considered for merit scholarships. 


Duke University Need-Based Scholarships 

First-year students starting their undergraduate term at Duke University can be eligible for both need-based and merit-based financial aid options.

A student can apply for the need-based scholarships if: 

  • You are a United States Citizen
  • You are a legal immigrant
  • You are an undocumented student


The amount awarded for the need-based scholarships depends on them after the administration calculates the need-based awards you qualify for by considering: 

  • Cost of tuition
  • Estimated family contribution (determined by your family’s assets and liabilities and the number of your dependent siblings attending college)
  • Personal assistance (determined by your estimated work-study income over the semesters or any student loan you’ve taken)


Requirements for the Duke University Need-Based Scholarships

To apply for a need-based scholarship, applicants need to submit the following to the university administration:

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 
  • College Scholarship Service (CSS) profiles
  • Applicants’ family’s income or tax certificates (submit both of your parents’ details if they are divorced or separated)


Duke University Scholarships for International Students

Duke University offers scholarships for international students at both undergraduate and graduate levels. 

Some of the International scholarships are: 

  • Karsh International Scholarship
  • Robertson Scholarship
  • Chancellor’s Scholarship
  • Hung Taiwan-Duke University Fellowship


Karsh International Scholarship

This merit-based scholarship program at Duke University aims to bring some of the world’s top minds to Duke University. It is given to foreign applicants who qualify for financial aid. 

There is no additional form needed apart from the usual school application to apply for this. 

Karsh International Scholarship pays the total amount of the tuition and includes room & board fees and other payments levied by the university. It also comes with research funding for three summers and unpaid internships that can boost the student’s academic career.


Robertson Scholarship

Robertson Scholarship is a program open to students of both Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill. This Duke University scholarship is given to local and foreign applicants who exemplify purposeful leadership, intellectual curiosity, the strength of personality, and collaborative spirit.

This program is the only Duke University scholarship that requires a separate application. Most international applicants will need to access the domestic applicant form. Students from Africa and New Zealand, however, have to complete their respective forms.


Chancellor’s Scholarship

The Chancellor’s Scholarship is open to foreigners studying Biomedical Science at the Duke University School of Medicine. This Duke University scholarship comes with a stipend and health insurance coverage, apart from tuition remission. 

An individual application is not required for this scholarship as the department will nominate the winner. They will be vetted by faculty members as well.


Hung Taiwan-Duke University Fellowship

The Hung Taiwan-Duke University Fellowship is restricted to Taiwanese students who wish to pursue a Ph.D. in science or engineering. Courses covered by this Duke University scholarship for international students include Cell & Molecular Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Genetics & Genomics, and Cancer Biology, to name a few.

The Hung-Taiwan scholarship also covers other school fees and stipends for 1-2 years.


Requirements for Duke Scholarships for International Students

Aside from the Robertson Scholars program, which requires a separate application, no separate application is required for these scholarships. Some of these scholarships require nomination, while deserving and eligible students are considered for the rest of the International scholarships. 


How to Apply for Duke Scholarships

To be considered for the annual Duke scholarships, applicants need to apply for the course they want to study within the deadline. They can seek the university’s scholarships throughout the year after enrolling in the course.

Duke Scholarships do not require a separate application process. Students are considered for the scholarship based on merits, needs, and nomination. Only Robertson Scholarship requires a domestic application form. 

Eligible applicants can apply for these scholarships by reaching out to the Office of Undergraduate Scholars and Fellows (OUSF) at Duke University. 

Visit Duke University Financial Aids portal for more information on applying for scholarships. 


Application Due Date for Duke Scholarships

Every year, the university authorities give two deadlines for incoming students:

  • The first deadline for Early Decision applicants—is usually in November
  • The second deadline for Regular Decision applicants—is generally in February

As Early Decision applicants get accepted early, they have a higher chance of winning scholarships.


Tips To Win Duke Scholarships

Having gone through the scholarship details, here are a few tips to guide you when applying. These tips will help you with an outstanding scholarship application process and give you the best chance of being considered for the scholarships. 

  • Determine your eligibility: As the scholarship is made available to undergraduate or graduate students in the school, ensure you fall into the category of the scholarships you apply for, either merit-based or need-based, before clicking the apply button. 
  • Meet the requirements: The scholarship requirements are the most for you to meet. Ensure that you are eligible for the detailed requirements of the scholarships to know what to expect, and you can equip yourself accordingly.
  • Apply to the Office of Undergraduate Scholars and Fellows at Duke University as soon as you enroll in your course of choice. 
  • Begin your application early: As early applicants are considered mostly for the scholarships, you are advised to commence your application as soon as you complete your admission process to Duke University. Starting your application sooner will give you enough edge to be at the forefront of selection, and you get enough time to gather all the required materials. 
  • Follow up on your application with the scholarship committee to show them that you are interested in the scholarship and willing to put in the extra effort.


Benefits of Duke Scholarships

Duke University created these scholarships to:

  • Help students attain their educational goals, which might be hindered by finance. 
  • Bridge the gap between academic achievement and educational expenses by awarding need-based scholarships. 
  • Provide funds for the tuition of undergraduate and graduate students to achieve their educational dreams.
  • Secure the future of Students at all levels of education by opening doors for financial aid. 
  • Give access to unlimited financial resources by providing scholarship opportunities at all levels of study. 
  • Eradicate the possibility of dropouts amongst its students by providing financial aid. 
  • Appreciate students who are academically achieving by awarding merit-based scholarships. 



To recapitulate Duke Scholarships, here are a few points you must note. 


Register link: visit Here

Duke Scholarship login link: Visit Here

Formal winners of Duke Scholarship: N/A

Previous Finalist of Duke Scholarship: N/A

All the scholarships offered by Duke Scholarship: Visit here

Twitter profile link: visit Here

Contact Information: visit Here



Sponsors: Duke University, Durham, North Carolina.

Department: The Duke Scholarships are restricted to no departments. 

Course Level: Undergraduate and Graduate students. 

Award: Varies

Number of Awards: N/A

Access Mode: Online

Nationality: United States 

Language Requirement: Applicants must demonstrate proficient use and command of the English language. 

Supporting Documents: Applicants should visit the Office of the Undergraduate Scholars and Fellows at Duke University for more information on the supporting documents. 



How to Apply: Application for the duke scholarships require no separate application process. Applicants should visit the Office of Undergraduate Scholars and Fellows to apply. 

Supporting Documents: Applicants should visit the Office of the Undergraduate Scholars and Fellows at Duke University for more information on the supporting documents. 

Admission Requirements: Duke Scholarships require admission and enrollment into Duke University. 

Language Requirement: Applicants must demonstrate proficient use and command of the English language. 



Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Duke automatically consider you for scholarships?

All students who apply and are accepted for undergraduate admission to Duke University are automatically considered for a merit scholarship.

What percentage of Duke students get scholarships?

47.0% of incoming first-year students (822 total) were given scholarships at Duke University, averaging $50,659 apiece.

How do you get a Duke merit scholarship?

All students are automatically considered for merit scholarships when they apply to Duke. There's no separate application for merit scholarships generally. The exceptions are the Robertson Scholarship and Nakayama Scholarship.

Does Duke offer need-based scholarships?

Most of Duke's scholarships are awarded based on financial need. A small number of merit-based scholarship opportunities are awarded to incoming first-year students. They are highly selective and awarded through the admissions process, and no additional application is needed.


Duke Scholarships are organized to provide financial tranquility for students studying at the University. 

Duke offers merit-based, need-based scholarships for international students. 

There are no separate applications required for these scholarships as they are made available to only enrolled and admitted students of the school.

You are encouraged to complete your admission application before the due date and apply to The Office of Undergraduate Scholars and Fellows to be considered for the scholarships.




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