Are you a United States citizens working in the area of Justice of Peace?

If yes, Davis Putter Scholarships Fund is ready to support students of your kind who are U.S citizens, working in the area of Justice of peace.

Here is an opportunity for you to know how you can grab the Davis Putter Scholarship Fund worth $10,000 to fund your education.

This article was writing strictly because of you to know and you can be part of the lucky students who get the scholarship awards

So, take advantage of this opportunity and apply for the Davis Putter Scholarship fund.


About Davis Putter Scholarship

Davis-Putter Scholarships aims to support students that are earnestly working for justice and peace. 

The Davis Putter scholarship is a need-based scholarship and is awarded to students who are  able to do academic work at the university level and who are part of the advanced movement on their campuses and in their communities.

All funds for this scholarship come from the contributions of individual contributors – there is no endowment. 

The Fund depends wholly on the benevolence of people who like to support the new generation of progressive students.


Scholarship worth

The Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund is worth $10,000 per year

Grants might be considerably smaller according to each recipient’s circumstances and the amount of funding available.


Number of grants available at Davis Putter Scholarship 

The number of grants depends on the size of grant that is directly related to the financial support received each year. 

The maximum grant available from the Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund is $10,000 per year (from July 1 through June 30).


Davis Putter Scholarship Fund coverage

Grants are shelled out to cover each separate semester, quarter, or term during which the grantee is attending school.

Scholarship Field of Study

The Davis Putter Scholarship is open to students in Arts and Architecture, Humanities, Social Sciences, STEM. 


Host Nationality

Davis Putter Scholarships are hosted in the United States. 


Eligible Nationality

Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, Columbia General Studies, First Year, Junior, Not U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident, Senior, Sophomore, United States Citizen and United States Permanent resident are eligible for this scholarship. 


 Scholarship Fund Eligibility

Applicants of this scholarship should:

  • Be residing in the USA
  • Belanning to enroll in (or already be attending) a college, university, or graduate school in the U.S.

Note: Financial desire is a consideration, as candidates will be asked to submit evidence of their need in their applications.


Eligibility criteria

The most essential qualification to get a Davis-Putter Scholarship is active involvement in fights for civil rights, economic justice, international solidarity, or other progressive issues.

Note: Grantees who plan to stay in the U.S. to work on such issues after completing their degrees get strong preference. 

Application processes

  • Applicants must complete the official application form.
  • Submit the required documentation.
  • Applicants should read these instructions and the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) before completing the application. 

Note: Frequently Asked Questions about Davis Putter scholarship are available here


How to apply 

The official application should be completed and submitted online.

Applicants should visit the Davis Putter Scholarship application portal to apply. 


Application Deadline

Applications for Davis Putter Scholarship are available at in January of each year until March 31. 

The Davis putter scholarship deadline is April of each year. After which applications will not be considered.



The Davis Scholarship 2022 is open for students in the United States who are working Justice and peace.

Applicants are expected to be United States citizens or permanent residents who are enrolled in a college or university in the United States. 

To apply, applicants are expected to go through the FAQs before applying and submitting their applications. The FAQs, application links and instructions for Davis Putter scholarship can be found here

Application for this opens yearly between January to March and closes in April of the year. 

All application processes and requirements are expected to be completed and submitted by then as late application applications are considered. 

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