Afsa high school scholarship is a scholarship-awarding program that is intended for citizens of the United States and legal immigrants who are fresh out of high school. Established in 1996, the American Fire Sprinkler Association is creating awareness for the association through the AFSA high school scholarship, while also helping deserving students pay their school bills.

Over the years, AFSA high school scholarship has provided over a quarter of a million dollars to qualified candidates across the country.

Application for the 2022/2023 AFSA high school scholarship is open and high school seniors who are willing to join a college or trade school after high school may apply. In this article, you will see all you need to know about the AFSA high school scholarship.



The AFSA high school scholarship began in 1996 and today the scholarship funds the accounts of 10 candidates, selected solely on merit.

Over the years, over a quarter of a million dollars has been provided to qualified candidates across the nation in order to raise awareness about fire safety and sprinklers and to fulfill students’ educational dreams.



AFSA high school scholarship is sponsored by the American Fire Sprinkler Association, which represents merit shop fire sprinkler contractors. As a non-profit organization, AFSA is dedicated to the educational advancement of its members and the promotion of the use of automatic systems in the business.

AFSA was founded in 1981 to provide the open shop fire sprinkler contractors with training, consulting, and other services. Membership in the American Fire Sprinkler Association is open to all contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, AHJs, and designers.


The AFSA high school scholarship is open to all high school seniors who intend to join college or a trade school no later than a year after completion of high school. The motive behind the scholarship is to help students by providing financial aid, hence eligibility is not narrowed down to a particular field of study.

High school seniors who meet the AFSA high school scholarship basic requirements are encouraged to begin their applications.


AFSA high school scholarship is open to every high school senior in the United States, who either is a citizen of the United States or is a legal resident.


To qualify for AFSA high school scholarship, the student must:

  • be a citizen of the United States. Should the applicant be an immigrant, he or she has to be a legal resident.
  • not be a relative of any AFSA staff.
  • not be a National Board member.


High school seniors who meet the above requirements may proceed to apply for the AFSA high school scholarship here. After submission, they will be required to take an 8-question examination.

Candidates who have submitted may not make another submission. An attempt to do this disqualifies the applicant.

After application, awardees are required to submit the name and contact information of their college, university, or trade school as the case may be. This is to verify the registration of the candidates at their schools and to make payments into the school’s account.


Applicants would be required to submit a completed form with every information provided. These include:

  1. Full name
  2. Home street address
  3. City, state, and zip code
  4. Phone contact (with area code)
  5. 2nd phone contact
  6. Valid email address
  7. Birthdate
  8. Parent/Guardian name
  9. Parent/Guardian phone contact (with area code)
  10. High school name
  11. High school city/state
  12. Date of graduation


The deadline for AFSA high school scholarship is the 1st of April.


AFSA high school scholarship is worth $2,000. Each of the ten (10) candidates receives this amount in the college, university, or trade school he listed when completing his application for AFSA high school scholarship.



  • Apply as early as possible

Scholarship bodies generally rate early submissions much higher. If you hope to be on the list of awardees, you may want to consider an early application strongly.

  • Go over your application

Many applicants make the mistake of not reviewing an application before submission. Errors occur; people misspell words and misuse expressions. Before submitting your application, ensure you go over the application one more time to ensure it is faultless.

  • Curate and flaunt your uniqueness

Most scholarships, including AFSA high school scholarships, have an algorithm that spots the most versatile applications. Although AFSA claims it randomly picks candidates, you might want to write your best traits, talents, community, and extracurricular activities on your application to stand out among other applications.

  • Do not rush your application

This points back to the first tip: apply as early as possible. The earlier you begin your application, the more time you have to properly fill out the application. This way, you submit a strong application that is almost impossible to refute and you secure a top spot.

  • Be at your top in the examination

To qualify for the scholarship, you will have to do an 8-question examination. Ensure you are not lax about it. If anything, be at your sharpest when you start the examination and do it to the best of your abilities.



  • It helps your finances

In case you are indecisive about whether to apply or not, think of the extra financial cushion the grant gives you.

  • It makes education easier

The biggest challenge many college enthusiasts face is the cost of education in the United States. This prods undergraduates into student loans and post-College, they spend a large amount of time repaying the loan. If you win this scholarship, it smoothens the path.

  • Scholarships are a plus on your profile

As an awardee, you network and connect with former awardees. This way, you grow your academic circle. Moreover, scholarships build your resume. This shows there is more to scholarships than the financial cushion.

  • You perform better

Many students work part-time jobs to keep afloat in American Universities and Colleges. By applying for this scholarship and winning, you dispense the need to work, hence you focus more on academics.



Here is a detailed summary of all you need to know about the AFSA scholarship



Apply for AFSA high school Scholarship here.

All the scholarships offered by AFSA: Visit here.

Twitter profile link here.

Contact information:



Sponsors: The American Fire Sprinkler Association

Department: All departments

Access Mode: Online

Nationality: American

Language requirement: Students must be fluent or native to the English Language.



Am I eligible for the AFSA high school scholarship?

You are eligible if you are a United State citizen or a legal resident, in your senior year, and are not related to any AFSA staff.

When is the deadline for application?

Application for AFSA high school scholarship closes on the 1st of April.

How many times can I apply in an academic year?

You can only apply for the scholarship once. Double applications automatically disqualify you.

Will I write a test?

Yes, you will answer eight (8) questions to place you on a ranking. Excellence in the test positions you as a front-runner for AFSA high school scholarship.

Do I have to be currently enrolled in an American school before I apply?

No, you do not have to be enrolled at the time of application. However, you must be enrolled on or before the 2023 Fall session if you do not want to forfeit the award.

I do not have a very high GPA, is there a chance I win the AFSA high school scholarship?

The system randomly selects entrants and as stated on the AFSA official website, GPA is not among the requirements for picking students. However, you might want to perform very well in your test.

How do I know if I have been picked for the scholarship?

AFSA will contact each of the winners by email or phone between 14 business days after the application closes. Winners’ names will also be posted on their official website in May 2023.



AFSA high school scholarship presents a wonderful opportunity to interested candidates who plan to join a college in the United States, a university, or a trade school no later than the fall of the following year.

You might want to strongly consider the AFSA high school scholarship if you are in your senior year and you hope to secure a scholarship. Every year, ten (10) candidates win $2,000 each to cater for their expenses.

If you have questions about the high school scholarship, you may find it helpful to check through the article or visit the official website of the scholarship body here.

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