In a world where right-handed people make up about 90% of the entire population, being left-handed makes you unique. You probably struggled to get letters right as a kid enrolled in preschool; your teacher made the mistake of assuming you are right-handed. Whatever your story is, you have a chance to win a scholarship that is available to only these unique sets of people through the Left Hand Scholarship.

There are as many as hundreds of Left Hand Scholarships available to you as a resident of the United States. In this article, however, we have curated the best sixteen. Considering the timelines are not due, you can apply for each Left Hand Scholarship to increase your odds of winning one.

We have also provided tips to help in this cause. In the latter section, you will find abridged answers to questions that you may have. Why not read through, and recommend it to people you hold dear.


Left Hand Scholarship hopes to reward the students who are predominantly left-handed. If history has taught anything, it is that left-handed people can be quite creative and demonstrate enviable leadership. This is seen in former presidents of the United States like Bill Clinton, Herbert Hoover, George Bush, Gerald Fold, James Garfield, and many others.

There are a number of the left hand scholarships that you can apply for. Because of their number, we have meticulously curated the best ones among them to apply for in 2022.

These scholarships are funded and sponsored by companies, firms, public figures, and brands. Depending on who the sponsor is, the name of the sponsor may reflect in the left hand scholarship name.


The left hand scholarship can be used in any field of study you want. These can be Arts, Agriculture, Human Medicine, Economics, or Computer Science. Some of the scholarships are restricted to a field of study, however. Ensure you read the requirements under each.


There are many scholarships for left-handed individuals across the world. The twenty discussed in this article are, however, open to residents of the United States. This could mean you are a citizen of the United States, a permanent legal resident, or temporary one.



This left hand scholarship is intended for left-handed people who have a strong commitment to community service. By winning the Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship, you receive $1,000 as a cash prize. To qualify for the scholarship, you must be a full-time high school senior, live in a community served by Comcast, exhibit leadership abilities, plan to attend an accredited, non-profit college, be nominated by a principal or guidance counsellor, and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.8 on a scale of 4.0.

Application Deadline: December 3.


The James Beard Foundation National Scholarships are among the most lucrative left hand scholarships. The award is worth $20,000 that is intended for food-focused students who are attending colleges in the United States to study culinary arts, food science, hospitality management, agriculture, and similar majors. One recipient is chosen from ten geographic regions across the nation. Selection is based on leadership, community service, academic merit, and career goals in the culinary world.

Application Deadline: May 15.


This left hand scholarship awards $500 annually to southpaws who are pursuing an associate degree in leadership from the JRC Leadership Campus. To be eligible for the scholarship, you must show your artistic ability by writing a 500-word essay about being left-handed or submitting a portfolio of drawing, painting, photography, or graphic design creations. Scholarship funding is distributed evenly across the program’s four semesters.

Application Deadline: March 1.


This is one of the most unique scholarships for left-handed people in the United States. The scholarship is sponsored by the American Association of Candy Technologies (AACT). For $5,000, qualified candidates must be at least sophomores attending a four-year North American university to major in food science, chemistry, biology, nutrition, culinary arts, or related fields. As a left-handed candidate, you must display a genuine commitment to a career in the confectionery industry.

Application Deadline: April 1.


The scholarship was founded by a law firm based in Las Vegas. Annually, $1,500 is awarded to left-handed high school, college, and graduate students who are enrolled full-time at an accredited institution in the United States. Applicants must record a two-minute video through a smartphone or digital camera discussing how left-handedness affected their education experiences. Selection will be judged based on creativity, humour, passion, and overall quality.

Application Deadline: July 31.


Because left-handedness has been linked to an increased risk for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the Michael Yasick ADHD Scholarship provides $2,000 for college and pre-paid coaching services for candidates who have been diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disability. To qualify, candidates must be legal residents of the United States, be accepted into a two- or four-year post-secondary program at an accredited college, and submit medical documentation from a licensed healthcare provider.

Application Deadline: March 9.


This is another left hand scholarship, only that this time, it is offered by the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA). Each year, recipients receive between $500 and $3,000. To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be majoring in trade-related majors, such as architecture, engineering, industrial design, material science, construction, or metallurgy. Recipients must be citizens of the United States, be left-handed, maintain full-time study, attend an accredited college or technical school in the United States, carry a minimum 3.0 GPA, and have employment experience in construction.

Application Deadline: July 1.


This left hand scholarship is awarded by the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA). Every spring, recipients are selected to get $4,000 for their undergraduate programs. You must be a full-time graduate student who is pursuing advanced degrees in moving image studies, information science, archival administration, museum studies, film science, or related fields. Left-handers who attend an accredited United States college, hold a minimum 3.0 GPA, display creative leadership potential, and write a 1,000-word essay on interests in moving image archiving can apply.

Application Deadline: May 15.


You may want to apply for this scholarship as a left-handed student in the United States. Should you be graduating high school and you happen to live in New England, are accepted at an accredited college in the United States, display a humane attitude, and be actively involved in animal protection organisations, you are more than qualified for this scholarship. Online applications must include documentation of animal-related rescue activities and three letters of recommendation.

Application Deadline: March 25.


This is among the highest paying scholarships for left-handed students. Artistic left-handed students with unmet needs could receive the two-year Wendy Jackson Hall Memorial Scholarship for $15,000 in honour of a Seattle animator who worked for ASIFA Hollywood before her untimely death. The Bainbridge Community Foundation looks for recipients who are graduating high school seniors, live in Washington, are accepted into visual art programs at accredited United States institutes, maintain a minimum GPA higher than 3.0, and display exceptional creative talent.

Application Deadline: March 1.


This left hand scholarship is valued at $2,500. As it is intended for high school seniors who have a flair for cooking, you must be a high school senior enrolled at an accredited college to study culinary or pastry arts to be eligible for this scholarship. Exemplary applicants will hold a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, have participated in culinary competitions, be active in volunteer work, plan to become an ACF registered apprentice, submit two recommendations, and exhibit dedication to working as a chef. This is one of the few dedicated left hand scholarships out there today.

Application Deadline: March 31.


This left hand scholarship aims to award two worthy college juniors and seniors with American citizenship. To stand a chance of being selected for the scholarship, you must have financial need and academic merit for attending an accredited four-year university nationwide.

Application Deadline: February 10.


The ESA scholarship is offered to both right- and left-handed students who are enrolling full-time in an accredited bachelor’s program that leads to a career in computer or video game arts. Every year, as many as thirty (30) recipients are selected to receive $3,000. Qualified applicants must be women or minority students, have American citizenship, display creative technical skills, and possess a minimum college GPA of 2.75.

Application Deadline: April 1.


This scholarship is solely for left-handed people. It was founded in 1979 at Juniata College in Pennsylvania and is worth $1,000 to $1,500 annually. To qualify for the scholarship, you must have completed at least your first year at Juniata with top academic achievement above the 3.3 GPA mark and demonstrate campus leadership. Applications must include two personal references, proof of financial need, and certification of grades.

Application Deadline: N/A.


This is administered by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. The Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship provides $3,000 to creative left-handers who are pursuing bachelor’s degrees in drama, music, opera, theatre, and other performing arts. Eligibility criteria require applicants to be African American, be citizens or legal residents of the United States, attend an accredited college full-time, maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA, show leadership ability, and submit a two-minute visual recording sample.

Application Deadline: April 29.


The Shelton State Community offers its scholarship application to eligible students. It is compulsory to be left-handed to be partakers of the scholarship. Whether you are a student or an employee, you can apply to get the scholarship award. This college is a free admission institution for everyone with the requirements. Students with general education or high school diploma are eligible to enrol for its admission. Its foundation offers diverse scholarships to students enrolled in the Shelton State Community College. It is during the fall semester scholarships are given and they can fit into different semesters such as spring, summer, and fall. You can check the other scholarships under this program here.

Application Deadline: N/A.


  1. Ensure you are eligible for the scholarship: Check the basic requirements and the eligible nationality before you apply for the left hand scholarship. It is crucial that you confirm your eligibility before you work on your essay. This is because there are many scholarships for left-handed people discussed in this article and each has its specifics.
  2. Write a strong essay: When you write your essay for submission, try to give it your best. Make your research. Take your time. However, ensure that when you write the essay, it will please the panel and probably checkmate them into having no other option but to give you the award. This applies only to a few of the left hand scholarships, however.
  3. Submit your application on time: Ensure you start early, and ensure you submit on time. Starting the essay early ensures that you have the luxury of time to go over the details later.
  4. Be involved in the community: Many of the left hand scholarships require you to be involved to an appreciable extent in the community. Without this, you may not qualify for many of them.
  5. Show leadership skills: Like the previous point, this is another quality that is looked at by the panel of many of the left hand scholarships. By having leadership skills, you increase your chances of winning one.


  1. Winning the left hand scholarship, in most cases, is an incentive for your creativity. Many of the boards look for candidates who stand out artistically among the rest. As a result, the body praises you for this skill by granting you the scholarship.
  2. With the award from the left hand scholarship, you get to travel and learn about new cultures. While the fund from the scholarship can be used for anything, a likely use might be to travel to places with great scenery with the money. You can even travel outside the country to learn about totally new cultures with the fund.
  3. The award from the left hand scholarship gives your resume a significant boost. Because of its significance and reputation, you have an advantage over others when you job-hunt or apply for internships during your undergraduate study.
  4. You perform better academically. The reason for this is because you have more time to dedicate to studying, a perk of not having to work for some time. By winning the left hand scholarship, you do your academic performance a huge favour.



Supporting Documents: Proof of academic excellence is required for some.

Basic Requirements: Requirements for the scholarships differ. However, you need to be left-handed to be eligible for all the scholarships. Ensure you go over the eligibility before you apply.

Language Requirement: Sufficient understanding of the English Language.


Administrator: Varies.

Departments: Varies.

Renewable: Varies.

Nationality: Domestic.


What course can I study with the scholarship?

It depends on which left hand scholarship.

Is the scholarship renewable?

Many of the left hand scholarships are renewable.

What are the requirements to be eligible for the scholarship?

There are many left hand scholarships with different requirements. Kindly check each to see what applies.

Can I apply for the scholarship as a high school senior?

There are many left hand scholarships with different requirements. Kindly check each to see what applies.

Can I apply for the scholarship if I am a freshman at a university?

There are many left hand scholarships with different requirements. Kindly check each to see what applies.

Must I understand the English Language to apply for the scholarship?

Yes, it is crucial that you understand the use of the English Language if you want to apply for the left hand scholarship.

Is the scholarship need- or merit-based?

The left hand scholarships are mostly merit-based. Some of them consider financial needs, however.

Will there be an assessment test after I have submitted my application?

No. For the scholarships we discussed in this article, you will not be required to write a test.

Will I have to write an essay?

Some of the left hand scholarships require you to write essays. Usually, the topics are related to your experience with left-handedness.

What are the documents I have to submit?

You will have to submit documents like proof of your academic performance for some of the scholarships.


The left hand scholarship is a chance for you, as a left-handed student in the United States, to pay your tuition fee and afford a lot more in an accredited university in the United States. Because of the number of left-handed citizens in the United States, this proves to be one of the scholarships that are relatively easier to win.

Should you have a strong academic performance in college or high school, be a relevant member of your community, and be left-handed, all you have to do is apply to win one of the scholarships. With the tips we have provided, you boost your chances of winning the scholarship.

We hope the information you have found in this article suffices to win you the left hand scholarship. Best of luck!

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