Maryland Delegate Scholarship is available for United states undergraduate or graduate students attending schools in Maryland. 

This scholarship award may be used in and out of the state of Maryland, depending on the delegate. Maryland Delegate Scholarship deadline is around the corner, and if you meet the eligibility requirements, here all is you need to know. 

This article will give you the ultimate guide to applying for and winning this scholarship easily. 

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About Maryland Delegate Scholarship

The local State Delegates give the Maryland Delegate Scholarship to Maryland residents who plan to pursue a post-secondary credential. This scholarship may be used at an out-of-state school if the student’s major is unavailable at any Maryland institution and if the delegate agrees. 

Recipients of the Maryland Delegate scholarship or grant must pledge to remain drug-free for the entire term of the award as unlawful use of drugs and alcohol may endanger their enrollment in a Maryland college, as well as their Maryland financial aid award. 


Sponsor: Maryland Higher Education Commission

Maryland Higher Education Commission is the State of Maryland’s higher education coordinating board saddled with establishing statewide policies for Maryland public and private colleges and universities and for-profit career schools. Maryland Higher Education Commission also administers state financial aid programs that affect students statewide.


Level/Fields of Study

Maryland Delegate Scholarship is available for undergraduate and graduate students with no restriction on their field of study. 


Scholarship Amount

The scholarship awards a low amount of $200 and a high award amount of $11,250, non-renewable. The total dollars awarded for this scholarship is $11,250.



Maryland Higher Education Commission hosts the Maryland Delegate Scholarship 


Host Nationality

The scholarship is hosted in Maryland in the United States. 


Eligible Nationality

Citizens and permanent residents of the United States are eligible for this scholarship. 



Undergraduate or graduate students planning to attend an eligible college or university in Maryland are eligible to apply. 


Eligibility Requirements 

Applicants must:

  • Be a resident of Maryland.
  • Enroll full-time or part-time.
  • Attend an eligible college, university, or private school in Maryland.
  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident.
  • Be a high school senior or older.


Requirements for Maryland Delegate Scholarship

This scholarship requires: 

  • An Application Form
  • Financial Need Analysis


Supporting Documents 

  • Interested students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  FAFSA is available online at 
  • Students must also contact their county delegate for further instructions, as each delegate may require students to submit additional forms and processes before eligibility can be determined. 


How to Apply

Applicants should visit the Maryland Delegate Scholarship site through to apply. 


Maryland Delegate Scholarship Deadline

The deadline for the submission of the application is March 1. 


Tips To Apply and Win the Maryland Delegate Scholarship

You can refer to these tips for a stress-free application. 

  • Begin your application early: Starting your application early gives you the time and luxury to appropriately fill in the application requirements for the Scholarship. Unlike an application that started close to the deadline, you have the time to get everything you need. You can also proofread the application before submission.
  • Check the requirements. While this Scholarship is for United States students who attend school in Maryland, check and complete the requirements for the scholarship whether you are applying in a group or individual. Ensure to check the basic needs before you apply.
  • Complete all the application requirements and processes: An incomplete application may not be considered. Fill in the required parts of the application with correct details. 
  • Follow up on your scholarship application to show commitment.
  • Contact your county delegate for further instructions, as each delegate may require you to submit additional forms and processes before eligibility can be determined. 


Benefits Of Maryland Delegate Scholarship.

  • The scholarships aim at encouraging undergraduate and graduate students in Maryland to attain their educational goals
  • It provides financial assistance to high school students pursuing higher education in accredited schools in the United States. 
  • It helps raise funds to cover the cost of higher education expenses for students who show a willingness to academics but are financially unfit.  



Here is the outline of the Maryland Delegate Scholarship.


Register link: visit Here

Maryland Delegate Scholarship login link: Visit Here

Formal winners of the Maryland Delegate Scholarship: N/A

Previous Finalist of Maryland Delegate Scholarship: N/A

All the scholarships offered by Maryland Delegate Scholarship: Visit here

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Contact Information: visit Here



Sponsors: Maryland Higher Education Commission 

Department: N/A

Course Level: N/A

Award: Varies

Number of Awards: Varies

Access Mode: Online

Nationality: United States 

Language Requirement:  Applicants must demonstrate proficient use of the English Language.  

Supporting Documents: Applicants must file FAFSA and contact delegates in their county for further instructions. 



How to Apply: Application for this scholarship requires an online process. Visit the scholarship portal for more instructions on how to apply. 

Supporting Documents: Applicants must file FAFSA and contact delegates in their county for further instructions. 

Admission Requirements: To be considered you must submit an online application form and financial need analysis

Language Requirement: Applicants must demonstrate proficient use of the English Language.  


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Maryland Delegates scholarship?

Annual award amounts range from $200 to $12,250. Students may be awarded more than one Delegate Scholarship

On what grounds is the Maryland Delegate scholarship usually awarded?

The scholarship is financial support awarded to a student based on academic achievement or other criteria that may include the economic need for schooling

What Next to do After Applying?

After submitting your online application and supporting documents, applicants are to visit the delegate in their county for additional instructions.

Can I use the Maryland Delegate Scholarship outside Maryland?

It depends on the delegates. Some scholarships can be used outside of Maryland, while some can only be used in Maryland.


Maryland Delegate Scholarship is provided for United citizens and permanent residents who attend accredited schools in Maryland. This scholarship is open to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing higher education. 

Applicants are to submit an online application together with a Financial need analysis. Applicants must also visit the delegates in their county after application for further application instructions. 

This scholarship awards between $200 to $11,250 annually to support Maryland residents and students. 

Applicants should refer to the tips above for easy application. 


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