Application for the Laura Bassi Scholarship 2022 is available for postgraduate students in the United States.

If you are currently undergoing your Master’s and Doctoral program this could be an opportunity for you to get financial grants to sponsor your dedication. 

About Laura Bassi

Laura Bassi was born in Bologna in 1711. She was the first woman to take up a professorship in Europe and the second to earn a doctorate. Her impressive career as an academic extended to virtually five decades, for much of which she was a galvanizing figure for the scientific culture of eighteenth-century Europe. 

Bassi’s career topped in her succession to the chair of physics (then known as natural philosophy) at the University of Bologna in 1776—a role in which her husband, Giuseppe Veratti, was her assistant.

The Editing Press Laura Bassi Scholarship is therefore named in her honor as part of the intention of supporting work undertaken against the grain of the disciplinary fashions of academia.

For this scholarship, there are no institutional, departmental, or national restrictions.


About Laura Bassi Scholarship

The Laura Bassi Scholarship was founded by Editing Press in 2018 with the goal of empowering editorial assistance to postgraduates and junior academics whose research focuses on neglected topics of study, broadly construed, within their disciplines. 

These scholarships are open to every field of study and are awarded three times per year: December, April, and August. 


Laura Bassi Scholarship worth

The value of the scholarships given through editorial assistance is as follows:

  • Master’s candidates: $750
  • Doctoral candidates: $2,500
  • Junior academics: $500

These figures reflect the upper bracket of costs of editorial assistance for master’s theses, doctoral dissertations, and academic journal articles, respectively. 


Host Nationality

This Scholarship is sponsored by the Editing press in the United States.


Laura Bassi Field of Study

All currently enrolled master’s and doctoral candidates are eligible to apply, as are academics in the first five years of full-time employment. 


Eligible Nationality

The Laura Bassi Scholarship is open to any citizenship


Application  requirements

Applicants are required to:

  • Submit a completed application form along with their CV using the portal. 
  • Applicants are subject to a voluntary USD 10.00 fee. 

Note. All applicants who are unable to pay the application fee are welcome to take advantage of the fee waiver option on the application portal. 


Important Note

Applicants are not to submit their application material by email as doing this would breach impartiality rules and potentially invalidate your application. 

Applicants who wish to update the application material should upload the documents afresh using the same email address as their initial submission. 

Note: Application documents need to be uploaded together rather than separately.


How to apply

Applicants are to visit the Laura Bassi Scholarship application portal to apply. 


Application deadline

  • Winter 2022

Application deadline: 20 December 2022

Results: 3 January 2023


  • Spring 2022

Application deadline: 27 March 2022

Results: 20 April 2022


  • Summer 2022

Application deadline: 27 July 2022

Results: 20 August 2022



How much funding is available for the Laura Bassi Scholarship?

There are $8,000 per round of funding (or roughly $24,000 per annum). The funds are divided between any combination of master’s, doctoral, or junior academic applicants at the discretion of the Scholarship Advisory Board.

How can I pay the voluntary application fee in a non-USD currency?

You can make your payment through the standard payment portal, the instructions for which are available here.

If I am awarded the Scholarship, how long do I have to submit my manuscript for editorial work?

There is no expiry for the use of the Laura Bassi Scholarship funds.

How many times can I apply for this scholarship?

There are no restrictions on how many times one can apply, just that preference is given to applicants who have not been given scholarships in the past.

Can I apply with more than one manuscript?

Candidates are restricted to one manuscript per application per funding round.

What is Laura Bassi's scholarship discipleship?

Applicants from every discipline are encouraged to apply.

Can I submit an application in a language other than English?

All applications must be submitted in the English language.

Do I need to submit a manuscript along with my application?

You are only required to submit your CV and application form.

If I am awarded a scholarship, am I required to publish my work with Editing Press?

Editing Press does not publish monographs or journal articles through the Laura Bassi Scholarship.

If my files exceed the 5MB limit of the application portal, What can I do?

It is recommended that you use an online PDF size reducer and then try to upload your files again.

I am a part-time student. Am I still eligible?

Yes, and you are very much encouraged to apply for this scholarship.

Can the funds from the Scholarship be used for other purposes, such as open access fees or, indeed, anything else?

The value of the Scholarship can only be remitted through editorial assistance provided by Editing Press.

Can I submit my application by email?

Application by email is no longer able to accept applications by email.

I was unable to upload one or both of my application document(s), or would like to update my application document(s). Can I do this by email?

If you were unable to upload your document(s), please try the application portal again with a different browser.



Laura Bassi Scholarship Foundation is pleased to provide a small number of postdoctoral grants, the sizes of which vary by year to interested and eligible students. 

Applicants are asked to submit a 2-page statement of research, a writing sample not exceeding 10,000 words, and a copy of their CV to

Applications for this scholarship are evaluated as part of a double-blind peer review process, the results for which will be released in May 2023.

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