The zeal to complete your higher education in a demanding major from a prestigious University will give your career a positive direction or a direction ultimately towards growth.

Tulane University Merit Scholarship is ready to reward your zeal and passion towards achieving your ultimate educational goal.

Tulane University is inviting students to apply for their mind-blowing Merit Scholarships to help reduce all their financial loads and give you maximum support to make the most of your academic years at the university. 



Tulane University provides its students one-of-a-kind learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

Tulane graduates are particularly equipped for the difficulties of the real world.

Tulane University campus has approximately 110 structures, including 50 buildings devoted to accommodating our 70 plus majors from our five undergraduate colleges. A number of graduate programs, notably the Tulane Law School, are also situated on its Uptown campus.



Tulane University offers a majority of merit scholarships that are renewable for four years, providing students who maintain academic standards.

The goal of the university behind these scholarships is to help reduce the burden from the students and motivate them to maintain good academic records to enjoy the endless benefits of these programs for years.

Tulane Merit scholarships aim to support the students in their financial stress and provide them with enough funds which will free them from worries as to give utmost concentration to their studies.

Students do not get to concentrate on their academics because of the pressure of paying the institutional costs. To avoid this,  the university has designed such a Tulane Merit scholarship for merit scholars.



The worth of this Scholarship differs as there are several merit scholarships available at Tulane University. 



This Scholarship is open to freshman students in any course of study. 



Number of awards differs and it is undefined  for each Tulane Merit scholarship.



This Scholarship award is hosted by the United States. 



This award is available for domestic and International students at Tulane University. 



The applicant for this Scholarship should:

  • Be an incoming freshman to Tulane University.
  • Have good academic standing.



All freshmen students are automatically considered for merit scholarships. 

Tulane University offers several merit awards such as:

  • Partial Scholarship
  • full-tuition Scholarship
  • Dean’s Honor Scholarship
  • Paul Tulane Scholarship
  • Stamp Scholarship
  • Sotomayor Full-Tuition Public Service Scholarship



  • Partial Scholarships

The partial tuition scholarships require no special application and are awarded by the admission office based on the strength of the admission application within the context of a given year’s applicant pool.

Scholarship worth:  This Scholarship worth range up to $32,000 per year


  • Full-Tuition Scholarships

This award seeks to recognize superior high school performance, extremely competitive standardized test scores, exceptional community and secondary school involvement, and extraordinary intellectual promise in students. 

Scholarship worth: This Scholarship gives complete financial assistance to deserving students.


  • Deans’ Honor Scholarship (DHS)

Students who submit and complete applications for admission via Early Action or Early Decision are considered for this scholarship. 

Students are required to: 

  • Have an ACT score greater than 31 or an SAT score greater than 1400.
  • Submit a separate scholarship application with a creative project.
  • Submit  teacher recommendation through your Green Wave Portal by December 5
  • Download the Deans’ Honor Scholarship Application Preparation (PDF)

Note: The winners of the Deans’ Honor Scholarship will be notified in February. 


  • Paul Tulane Award

For this scholarship, students are required to: 

  • Have an ACT score greater than 31 or an SAT score greater than 1400.
  • Submit a complete application for admission via Early Action or Early Decision
  • Submit the separate scholarship application with essays through your Green Wave Portal by December 5
  • Download the Paul Tulane Award Application Preparation (PDF)

Note: The winners of the Paul Tulane Award will be notified in February. 


  • Stamps Scholarship

The stamps Scholarship is funded by the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation – a nationally prestigious scholarship program – and fund matching by Tulane University

This scholarship recognizes and rewards exceptional students who exemplify leadership, perseverance, scholarship, service, and innovation 

Number of Scholarship available:  This scholarship awards approximately 5 award each year


Students are required to: 

  • Submit a complete application for admission via Early Action or Early Decision
  • Apply for the Deans’ Honor Scholarship or Paul Tulane Award by December 5

Scholarship worth:  This Scholarship covers total cost of attendance and provides an enrichment fund to support endeavors such as study abroad, undergraduate research, academic or co-curricular conferences, and unpaid internships

Note: Selected finalists will be invited to interview in early spring. 


  • Sotomayor Full-Tuition Public Service Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student that has demonstrated high academic achievement and a commitment to public service. 

This scholarship is a four year, full-tuition merit scholarship awarded to one student per year.

Students are required but submit  a complete Early Action or Early Decision application for admission to be considered for this scholarship. 

See more: Tulane University Merit scholarships



Each Scholarship opportunity requires separate applications and the majority of merit scholarships are renewable for 4 years (or 5 years for architecture students), provided the student maintains good standing with the university, a full-time course load, and a designated minimum GPA.



In order to continue receiving scholarships throughout a 4-year (5-year for Architecture) undergraduate career, students must continue to fulfill certain requirements.



The Tulane Merit scholarships requires:

  • Application form
  • Essay writing.



  • All the fellows who apply for admission in the university are automatically considered for partial tuition merit scholarships.
  • Few scholarships need students to apply through their Green Wave Portal with some supporting assignments.
  • Candidates should ensure they provide enough details in the admission application to be considered for scholarships. 
  • Scholarships that require applications should be sufficiently filled and submitted before the deadlines.



All applicants are required to complete the application form at Tulane Merit scholarships.



Deadlines for each of the scholarships differ. 

Note: The university will not entertain late or incomplete applications



What merit scholarship is available at Tulane University?

There are a number of merit scholarships offered by the university.

Who is eligible?

The applicant should be an incoming freshman to Tulane University. Candidates should have good academic standing.

What are the benefits of Tulane Merit scholarships?

The benefits of each scholarship differ as follows: -Partial Scholarships: $32000 per year. -Full-Tuition Scholarships: complete financial assistance. -Stamps Scholarship: Full tuition assistance.

How can I apply?

The Tulane Merit scholarships can be accessed online, so an online application form is required.

What do I need to apply?

No fees are required of applicants before being considered for the scholarship. All you need to apply is an application form and essay writing.



Tulane Merit scholarships are awarded to students that apply. Both local and international students may apply for the scholarship and attend Tulane University.

Each Scholarship’s application procedure and rules are unique, much like the value of the Scholarships itself.

To learn more about Tulane University Merit scholarships, applicants are urged to visit the university’s official website.


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